Theremin-Day CANCELLED

Theremin-Day CANCELLED

Cancelled due to Covid-19

From now on, three theremin are available in the exhibition for you to play by yourself.

The Theremin – first presented exactly 100 years ago!

The Theremin is one of the earliest electronic musical instruments. On August 5, 1920, thus 100 years ago, its inventor Lev Sergeyevich Termen presented it as «Êtherophon». Termen (1896-1993) was an electrical engineer and cellist. In 1922, he was allowed to present his invention to Lenin, who played with the help of Termen Michail Glinka's song «The Lark». Subsequently, Termen travelled through Europe and the USA with concerts which he called «Music from the Ether».

Distant Playing

The Theremin, as the instrument later was called, is the most famous musical instrument that is played without any touch. With the hands the electric fields of the two antennas are influenced. On the right the pitch (the closer the hand gets to the antenna, the higher the tone), on the left the volume (the closer, the quieter). To play in tune on the Theremin you have to stand still and be able to move your hands in a very controlled and independent way – not easy!