Special Exhibition: Curiosities

Do you know the "Duplex Euphonium", the "Echo Cornet" and the "Sudrophone"? Special devices allow to change the sound on these instruments in the middle of a piece.

And the "Aerophor"? You can play infinite melodies with it.

The exhibition shows curious inventions for wind instruments - to marvel at and try out by yourself.

This exhibition has been supported by: Zwillenberg-Stiftung, Stiftung Pro Scientia et Arte, Bank EEK, DC Bank, Gesellschaft zu Mittellöwen, Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern, Gesellschaft zu Schuhmachern. Thank you very much!

Theremin – the musical instrument that you do not touch

You can play it by yourself in our exhibition:

Permanent Exhibition C'est le vent qui fait la musique

It is the wind that brings wind instruments to resonate.
The exhibition presents how wind instruments and their music developed: e.g. from Turkish bands around 1800 to the orchestral instruments of the 19th century, the brass band and the invention of the saxophone around 1840, as well as how a simple shepherd's horn became a beloved instrument of traditional and modern music, as well as a symbol of Swissness: the Alphorn.

And you can try to play some of the instruments by yourself: Alphorns, Roman cornua, contrabass trombone an more.

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