New special exhibition: Our Tresors – precious wind instruments


Ласкаво просимо!

Ми раді, що ви завітали до нас.
Біженцям надається безкоштовний вхід до нашого музею при пред'явленні посвідчення особи типу N, F або S.
Бажаємо вам приємного відпочинку!

We’re happy to see you.
Refugees receive free admission to our museum on presentation of their N, F or S residence permit. We hope you enjoy your visit!

The Ophicleide in Brasil

In Brazil, the ophicleide was played until the end of the 19th century. Therefore, in their podcast series, Bete and Wolfgang Böhler addressed this instrument: 

Former Events:

Mike Davis' New York Classic Band

Concert at Klingendes Museum Bern, playing stick trumpet, serpent, etc. – an extraordinary event!

James Morrison 

... played some of our historical instruments live in concert 14 April 2018.

Portrait in Swiss TV 1