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New special exhibition: Curiosities – strange wind instruments

Curious inventions for wind instruments - to marvel at and try out by yourself.

Prolonged until end of April 2022


Konzertempfehlung: «Freundschaftsspiel»

Zwei junge Bläserensembles am Sonntag 13. Februar 17:00 im Yehudi Menuhin Forum, Helvetiaplatz 6, Bern
Auch als Livestream auf

Aus Nordrhein-Westfalen: Holzbläserquintett «Anemoi»
Aus Bern: Hornquartett «il cornuto»

Werke von Bach, Ibert, Bozza u.a.
Eintritt frei, Kollekte

Karl Burri

On October 28, Karl Burri would have celebrated his 100th birthday. The «Klingendes Museum Bern» relies on his collection of wind instruments.


Karl Burri, fotografiert 2000 von Markus Wiesmann
Karl Burri, fotografiert 2000 von Markus Wiesmann

"Le grand air": The «Klingendes Museum» at Radio RTS1

All kinds of airy instruments: The flautist Marion Rebsamen and Adrian v. Steiger in an interview with Stéphane Gabioud on 6 August in the summer series «Le grand air» of the French-speaking Swiss radio.

Flute collection Halder

Dr. Ueli Halder assembled a collection of approx. 300 historical flutes, cf. the website Flautorama

He died on 6 January 2021. Acording to his plans, his collection is on permanent loan to the Klingendes Museum. The instruments will be maintained in his spirit and will be available to interested musicians as before and FLAUTORAMA will also remain online.

Former Events:

Theremin day 6 November 2021: Wieslaw Pipczynski and Tabia Stoffel

Mike Davis' New York Classic Band

Concert at Klingendes Museum Bern, playing stick trumpet, serpent, etc. – an extraordinary event!

Radio SRF 2: Concert "CLEX INterACTION"

You can listen on SRF to the concert at the Klingendes Museum on 3 September 2020 as part of the Bern Music Festival: Mechatronics, CLEX INterACTION. With an interview on CLEX by Cécile Ohlshausen.

Ernesto Molinari, CLEX, Michael Harenberg, Daniel Weissberg
Ernesto Molinari, CLEX, Michael Harenberg, Daniel Weissberg

Arkadi Shilkloper

gave concerts here in March 2019. Er played (and taught) not only Alphorn, but also Instruments of the collection, such as this Cornu:

James Morrison 

... played some of our historical instruments live in concert 14 April 2018.

Portrait in Swiss TV 1