The museum re-opened beginning of March.

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New special exhibition: Curiosities – strange wind instruments

Curious inventions for wind instruments - to marvel at and try out by yourself.

From March to October 2021

Radio SRF 2: Concert "CLEX INterACTION"

You can listen on SRF to the concert at the Klingendes Museum on 3 September 2020 as part of the Bern Music Festival: Mechatronics, CLEX INterACTION. With an interview on CLEX by Cécile Ohlshausen.

Ernesto Molinari, CLEX, Michael Harenberg, Daniel Weissberg
Ernesto Molinari, CLEX, Michael Harenberg, Daniel Weissberg

Die Herkunft unserer Instrumente: Aron Fahrni, Student an der Uni Bern, hat in seiner Seminararbeit den Herstellungsort der Instrumente unserer Sammlung kartographisch dargestellt.

Hier wird gut ersichtlich, dass viele Instrumente aus der Schweiz stammen (einige davon wurden jedoch unsigniert importiert und erst vom Schweizer Verkäufer, dem «revendeur» signiert). Viele wurden an unterschiedlichen Orten im deutschsprachigen Raum hergestellt (und 172 in Paris).

Collaboration with BKMV

The Bernischer Kantonal-Musikverband supports the Sounding Museum, which documents the history of wind band music so well. In return, all BKMV associations are offered guided tours at a special price of 200 – 300 CHF (depending on the size of the group).

Please contact Adrian v. Steiger by e-mail for appointments. Guided tours preferably before or after our opening hours.

Former Events:

Arkadi Shilkloper

gave concerts here in March 2019. Er played (and taught) not only Alphorn, but also Instruments of the collection, such as this Cornu:

James Morrison 

... played some of our historical instruments live in concert 14 April 2018.

Portrait in Swiss TV 1