Special exhibition: Curiosities – strange wind instruments

Until 16 October 2022

Opening hours and entrance fee

Do you know the "Duplex Euphonium", the "Echo Cornet" and the "Sudrophone"? Special devices allow to change the sound on these instruments in the middle of a piece.

And the "Aerophor"? You can play infinite melodies with it.

The exhibition shows curious inventions for wind instruments - to marvel at and try out by yourself.

This exhibition has been supported by:

Zwillenberg-Stiftung, Stiftung Pro Scientia et Arte, Bank EEK, DC Bank, Gesellschaft zu Mittellöwen, Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern, Gesellschaft zu Schuhmachern. Thank you very much!

Theremin – the musical instrument that you do not touch

You can play it by yourself in our exhibition:

Permanent Exhibition C'est le vent qui fait la musique

It is the wind that brings wind instruments to resonate.
The exhibition presents how wind instruments and their music developed: e.g. from Turkish bands around 1800 to the orchestral instruments of the 19th century, the brass band and the invention of the saxophone around 1840, as well as how a simple shepherd's horn became a beloved instrument of traditional and modern music, as well as a symbol of Swissness: the Alphorn.

And you can try to play some of the instruments by yourself: Alphorns, Roman cornua, contrabass trombone an more.